Step 1) Wash your hands thoroughly and clean the growbox on the outside with a wet piece of cloth..
Step 2) Remove the lid from the box.
Step 3) Take a clean fork (not included) and make holes in the substrate. Divide the holes equally (
6 to 8 rows of holes is enough) over the growbox. This makes it easier for the substrate to absorb water
Step 4) Fill the growbox with tepid water and put the lid back on the box. Leave the box to soak for 24 hours.
Step 5) The next day, remove the lid from the box (but keep it) and pour out the redundant water.
Step 6a) Add
0,5 liter (2 cups) of tepid water to the growing bag (included)
Step 6b) Place the growbox in the growing bag. Close the growing bag by folding the top and securing it with two paperclips (included).
Step 7) Place the growing bag in a warm place (20-25!C) and make sure there is enough daylight. Do not place the growing bag in direct sunlight and do not place the growing bag on a heating device. Make sure the temperature does not exceed 35!Celsius; otherwise the mushroom may not survive!!
Step 8) Spray water daily (by using a plant water sprayer). After harvesting you should do this as well.!
Step 9) After about 10 to 12 days the first mushrooms appear.
Step 10) Just before the mushrooms start to open gently hold them at the root and delicately twist and lift them to pull the mushroom out. By doing so, it becomes possible for new mushrooms to grow.
(Check the illustration to see when the mushrooms are about to open).