1. Seed Selection

YouÂ’ve decided to grow your own. To find the variety of your choice youÂ’re faced with some important decisions. Most important, obviously, is where you are gonna grow; Indoor or Outdoor. In choosing your variety for Outdoor you are restricted by the weather conditions. Plants that youÂ’re able to grow outdoor in more southern countries, will not be ready in time in Holland. Other deciding factors are:
  • Indica or Sativa?
  • Experience level? (avoid difficult strains as a beginner!)
  • What high?
  • What taste?
  • What smell?
  • What yield?

LetÂ’s compare Indica with Sativa and look at their differences, so you can make a solid decision on what you would prefer to grow
  • Short, bushy and compact. Budstructure is hard and compact.
  • Darkgreen color plant. Ovalshaped short leaves, narrow spacing between internodes.
  • Higher CBD level; so bodystoned high. Relaxing, chillout, couchlocked, sedative.
  • Taste generally is often pungent and can range from Skunk to Musk. Or can be acrid to earthy.
  • Indoor; faster to flower and better yielding than a Sativa.

  • Widely branched, tall plant. Buds stretched, fluffy and airy.
  • Lightgreen color plant. Thinfingered, long leaves widely set apart.
  • Higher THC level; euphoric, energetic, spacy, trippy high.
  • Taste can range from tropical fruit to a field of flowers. From fresh herbs to citrus.
  • Outdoor; better yielding. Excellent flower-to-bud ratio. Less chance of mould.
grow_marijuana - Groot
Difficulty: Some strains are easy to grow, so perfect for beginners. Some are more suitable for experienced growers as these varieties require more expertise. Especially short Indica varieties are easy to grow for first-timers. Haze varieties, however, are more difficult, because they are fussy feeders and prone to mould. Experience and knowledge will also help improve yield, taste, resin production and overall quality. So be curious and try to find out as much as you can by reading up on the subject, talk to experts, read books, magazines and watch videos. Learn the basics about a successful grow. Get knowledgeable on plantprocesses, fertilizers (boosters), different substrates, different systems and all the gear thatÂ’s out there.

As for growing conditions thereÂ’s four things you have to get right: Light, Fresh air, temperature and humidity. First light; no matter what period; germination, veg or flowering plants should always have sufficient light. So make sure that your plants are not in the shade. The remaining three; fresh air, temperature and humidity, will be discussed in each stage of the plantÂ’s process. When it comes to nutrients you should always consult the growing schedule of your nutrient brand and stick to the advised measurements. Use a startbooster in the first two weeks, then follow up with a veg nutrient and finish it off with flowering nutrient and a PK booster. Below we will guide you through the cultivation process: germination, vegetation, flowering and drying process for marihuana. There is however, one element that does vary: time. Some plants are ready quickly; others need more time to grow.

2. Germination stage

Germination rules:
  • Begin germination in the dark
  • Use tapwater
  • Ideal humidity around 80%
  • Stick to the indicated measurements of your start booster on your growing schedule (EC of 0.4-0.7 in week 1-2)
  • Temperature >20 degrees (22-27 degrees) with little variation between high and low temp.
  • Propagator to control humidity.

growing_marijuana - Groot A. Use a pitpot (with a preformed hole)or make a hole in the soil of a plant container. Place the seed 2-5 mm deep and cover loosely with soil. Dip the container or pitpot in some water until the middle part of the soil get wet. Place the seeds into a propagator. Keep the substrate moist with a spraycan. to_grow_marijuana - Groot B.Soak the seed in a glass of water untill it pops. Get a pair of tweezers and place the seedling into the substrate 2-5mm deep. Then placce the seedling in a propagator. grow_cannabis - Groot C.Take two sheets of kitchen cloth, wet them with a spraycan and place the seeds in between. Take two plates one on top of the other (upside down), lay the cloth in between and check moistness twice a day.
hydroponic_grow - Klein Check if the soil is moist enough daily. DonÂ’t moisten too much or you will have spaghetti like plants. If need be use a plant spraycan. Preferably put the seeds on the windowsill for adequate sunlight or under artificial light.

Keep the PH value neutral at around 5.8-6.2.This level should be maintained throughout. Ideal temperature when germinating is around 20 degrees centigrade. Seeds can sprout after 12 hours, but can also take up to 10 days. Once the seeds have sprouted make sure that the seedlings arenÂ’t in direct sunlight and make sure the leaves of the seedlings donÂ’t have too much water on them or the stem will bend and eventually break.
When growing using pitpot or plant container, place them in the window sill around mid April. If you have a lamp (tl or propagator lamp) place them under 18 or 24 hours of light.

3. Vegetation stage

Vegetation rules:
  • Indoor: Ideal humidity around 70%
  • Indoor: Temperature 20 degrees (22-27 degrees) with little variation between high and low temp.
  • Indoor: PH 5.8-6.2
  • Outdoor: veg indoors up until 20-45 cm in height. Plant is then solid enough to withstand the outdoor conditions.
  • Stick to the indicated measurements of your vegetative nutrients on your growing schedule (EC 1.2-1.8 during veg)

Make sure you donÂ’t give the seedling too much or it will become very fragile and look like spaghetti. Use a basic nutrient for grow after the initial two weeks. Also use some enzymes at this stage. For indoor; start of with an EC of around 1.0-1.2 gradually increasing it up to 1.8. Depending on what brand of nutrients you are on.
Cannabis Seeds Amsterdam Marijuana grows during 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Ideal temperature is 22 to 27 degrees. Plants should receive plenty of fresh air (CO2) from outside your growroom. A fan will diminish the protective layer around the leaves and help CO2 get easier access into those leaves for photosynthesis.   growing_marijuana_with_spliff_seeds - Klein When growing in open ground dig out 1m2. Mix this soil with nutrients and put the plants back into the ground. Then water and feed them regularly. If need you want to limit their height, prune them. Outdoor plants require a lot less attention.
grow_marijuana_outdoor - Klein Outdoor plant: Preferably germinate and veg the plant indoors up to a height of 20 to 45 cm. ThatÂ’s when the plant is sturdy enough to be put outside. Move the plant outdoor after the last frost period (mid-end of May). To adjust to outdoor conditions you can first put her in a pot on your terrace or balcony.  
growing_marijuana_indoor - Klein An Indoor plant should be grown in a growroom (or tent). Please ensure no light passes through, because this will cause stress to the plant. Use HPI-T lamp (150watt, 250watt or 400watt), a TL lamp or a special propagator lamp during the growing stage. A HPI-T lamp, due to the heat it emits, should be hung at least 40 cm away from the plant to prevent it from burning the top. A propagator lamp or TL lamp, which emits less warmth, can be hung closer to the plant at a distance of 15 cm. Keep the PH value neutral at around 5.8-6.2. ThatÂ’s when the plant will absorb all nutrients.
Tip: Water the plant regularly, but not too often. Use tensiometer to measure surface tension, so you can see when the plant needs water. 80-150 mbar means there is sufficient water in the substrate. Below 80 mbar means there is too much water and above 150 she will require water.    

4. Grow Marijuana Flowering Stage

Flowering rules:
  • Indoor: Humidity of 60-65% at the beginning of flowering. Dropping down to 55%. Last two weeks 45%.
Indoor: Temperature >20 degrees (22-27 degrees) with little variation between high and low temp.
  • Indoor: PH 5.8-6.2
Stick to the indicated measurements of your flowering nutrients on your growing schedule (EC between 1.8 and 2.2). Increase EC towards the end of flowering.

In the flowering stage use a bloom nutrient and after 3 weeks start using a PK booster as well.

For Outdoor:  let nature do its work. Do check on your plant and feed them when necessary. If the plant turns yellow, ask advise and use a foliar spray for quick recovery.

For indoorBy giving the plants only 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness, they will go into the flowering stage.Temperature should be around 22 to 27 degrees and humidity should be around 65-60% at the beginning and dropping down to 45% in the last two weeks. After about  2-4 week, depending on the strain, of flowering the plant will show its gender.

Please note: During the last week of flowering only water the plants without any nutrients!
to_grow_marijuana_with_seeds - Groot Male plants only have flowers(so-called pods) which look like small balls at the stems of the plant. After recognizing male plants; you donÂ’t need to worry just yet. These pods wonÂ’t open for another two to three weeks. If they open they will pollinate the other plants. If that happens these plants will focus most of their energy on making seeds. So do inspect your plants carefully for any males or hermies during the first weeks of flowering..
growing_marijuana_or_growing_cannabis - Klein    
togrow_marijuana_with_hydroponics - Groot Female plants are the only ones whom you can smoke, so remove the male plants to prevent pollination! plants you will recognize after two to three weeks by white hairs first appearing at the top of the stem and branches and at the internodes where branches emerge from the stem. So, basically, all over the plant.

5. Drying stage

Cut them off at the stem, remove all the leaves and hang them up to dry. Hanging them upside down will make all the sugars from the entire plant to end up in the bud. Drying the buds will take at least a week or two. If they smell like grass leave them hang to dry for longer and they will still get their recognizable scent. how_to_grow_marijuana - Klein grow_marijuana_with_us - Klein